Happy Summer!

I hope you’re all having fun with your families, taking time to make memories and explore the world around you!

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Pokemon X and Y trading on the GTS

since you’ve played the game since its inception in 1998 with red and blue, there’s never been a better time to “catch ’em all” and complete your pokedex!  i’m not feeling happy about the pokemon bank that’s coming out soon, but it will be interesting to see how easy it is to trade for all generations of pokemon that had only been available to those who had lots of gameboy (through the wire) or ds friends around to make it happen.  the gts and wonder trade options have their upside individually, but together they make trading sporadically and planfully much more convenient, especially if you’re serious about natures and iv stuff. 

i’ve been using wonder trade to be surprised and have been slowly getting ones i don’t have and trading back the ones i’ve already seen.  very rarely will you be surprised by it, but i’ve acquired a few nice ones just going back and forth with the trades, especially ones from other languages and continents.  gts trading is more specific, and you can offer one you think might be popular for something you really want, and wait to see what happens.  when the cloud bank coming soon, the history of players’ captures will be available to trade ad nausea and filling your pokedex will become more achievable than ever before!


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WiiMusic review

Last weekend we got a copy of the game WiiMusic and tried it out.  Although I knew that the Wii-whatever series of games was developed more for entry-level gamers, I was excited to see how musical the game really was.  Although I was slightly disappointed with the use of the controls, quality of MIDI music and song selection, I was pleasantly surprised with the educational components of the game which I’ll describe in more detail for this review.

The range of instruments is unique and more educational than in other musical video games.  Last week my son saw a classical string quartet and now thinks the cello is cool.  Not only are there violins, cellos, steel drums, bagpipes and xylophones, there are “instruments” like the NES controller, barking dog suit, and other futuristic-sounding things.

One of the mini-games, called Pitch Perfect, is a way for kids to understand some basic musical relationships.  Concepts like higher and lower tones, harmonies, and major/minor sounds are introduced through the use of Mii characters.  I was actually caught off guard by this challenge at first and was pleased to have to think about what notes sounded better together.  I was even motivated to try harder and get a good score!

Overall, though, the game was a disappointment for me, and my son didn’t stick with it too long either.  I think that any kid who hasn’t been exposed to the RockBand or GuitarHero games will have fun with this as a musical game, especially younger children who would also enjoy shaking rattles and pushing buttons on a bouncy exersaucer.

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music video games

Games like lego rock band CAN teach children about music and creating it.  My next post will review WiiMusic, which my wife got for $4 and I’ve been waiting to play since Monday!  This post is all about music video games in general so rock on!

My first and only piano teacher wanted me to watch the lesson books to play.  Unfortunately, I could only memorize the music and had to watch my fingers tickle the ivories.  Video games can begin to teach the age-old practice of reading music.  Reading.  Music.  When was the last time you “read” music?  There are very few musical activities these days that  actually incorporate music written on something, probably because most music today is sampled or clipped or digital.  e-music.  There’s a difference between playing by ear and knowing music structure.

There have been discussions of games like guitar hero and rock band becoming more “serious” about educating children of the understanding and creating of music.  I tried to find a patent on a game guitar that had 5 frets like the current versions, and included at least 3 strings to create a chord of sorts.  If anyone has the prototype out there, we’d love to be the test family for it!

Overall, I think that any medium for music is beneficial to the art overall.  I know there have been artists that have bashed the games for their lack of “realism” and inability to render the real experience.  This is true and doesn’t diminish the ability of such games to inspire and expand childrens’ musical interest.  Ever heard of cardboard guitars?  I had 2, another 2 crafted in shop class (for credit) from plywood and painted like Eddie in 1984, and don’t forget the tupperware drumset!

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Instruments for Kids

It’s exciting to watch a young child bang on something and quickly have something resembling a song come out!

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Singing Spanish Colors

Here’s the link to a cool song about how to say the names of the colors in spanish, so easy you can even eat a hamburger while singing it!


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family band practice

here’s a link to our facebook site, take a listen to our outtakes from some beatles covers!


we are preparing to add more music this winter and might even be starting on some originals so stay tuned!  hopefully i can figure out how to upload audio files to this site…

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